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God moves in mysterious ways, though I didn't think he'd use such a lame speech program..

It matters the message. Even if a child would've told you, what matters is the message and not whom says it.

You're a moron and literally no-one with half a brain is going to take you seriously.
You're living in the dark ages, so stop pestering those of us on the internet in the present. lol

How so? Since when scientifical advancement equals killing morality, virtue and rightchiousness?

In theory if you believe in god then god exists, i don't believe in god so god does not exist. There is nothing to say that god isn't just a man made product, an excuse to explain the unexplainable. There are too many religions out there also, who is to say that the one that you believe in is the correct one? whether someone watches porn or not doesn't really matter unless you are part of a religion, I'm not therefore it is impossible for me to be classed as a sinner for watching porn, the only people that can judge me are people in those said religions.

At the end of the day religion restricts you to only being able to judge based on a belief that isn't neccessarily true, which is one of the reasons atheists exist. I do wish religious people would quit judging people for not following their religion though, that's why religion gets so much hate to begin with, They should stick to judging those who follow said religion.

Why are you trying to add me? Are you a fan of my work or are you trying to proselytize?
I usually don't get along with pushy religious people, just saying.

You said"Ok. add me on here and hmu later if u need me". Guess I won't add you then. Happy new year and take care, mate. Also God does very much good in this evil twisted world. Maybe you could give Him a chance...

sorry. I added you.

This "twisted evil world" of which you speak of is actually not so bad. Less people are starving by percentage and less people are dying due to wars and violence by percentage than in anytime before in human history. This is also arguably the least religious time in human history. As each day passes, these facts become harder to refute by sane and well adjusted people.

Even though I have no grudge with the things you believe in to help you sleep at night, I would like to bring your attention to these facts so you might understand why there is so much vitriol against your ideas. This is why i was inclined to presume your intentions incorrectly.
Sorry again.

The world is "evil and twisted" from a moral point of view. People call many evils as "good". For example: porn.

The teachings in churches are nothing but lies. Christianity is a forced religion, which denies free will. The typical followers (like you) force their beliefs onto others, and banish anyone who doesn't follow their ways to this so called "hell". They ignore science and practicality. They have priests who continue to perform acts of immorality, they hide their shady past practices, and try to act like they are all high and mighty, and that their way is the only way.

A true god, would allow people to do as they wish. A fool is a person who thinks they can persuade others in acting within said fool's beliefs. The more you try to force your foolishness onto others, the more you will push them away.