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Joel Wisdom-Peters
Feb 2, 2015

You can married without lust, why do you need lust to get married? Lust could make me cheat afterwards. isn't it love that causes people to get married? and keep people together? Greed is worthy of hate trust me, 1% of people in the world have more money then the 99% put together, if they weren't greedy, we wouldn't hear about poor Africans etc or anywhere at all. You are more likely to end up successful giving, because when the give you get more back... Envy steals happiness from people, rather than being happy with what you have, envy can make us dis-content. isn't that a bad thing? God wants us to love each other, so can be successfully doing that, even if people hate us for it, it's cool because you'll be successful with. God hates sin because He is good, and because He knows His way is the only way to satisfaction in life.