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Average. Music was great. Buuuuuut! But... the animation was sloppy. Fr example, the blood from the bat, fell too slow. Also the character moved sometimes far slower than the camera. I liked the ending, tho. Twisted all what happened around. Well, keep improving your animator skills :)

nice. the shout was a bit too loud tho :D

Splendid, tho I did not understood it too well.

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Too simplistic!

We need 2x and 3x speed buttons.

So I should never play slots in real life. Thank you for teaching me this lesson.

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Amazing. I listened to this so many times. A very good job.

good song.

Very good! Very good indeed!

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You're so talented, but so far from God and so deep in the spirit of this world :( Jesus loves you and because of that He suffers for you. He really wish you to come to Him and repent so that He can lead you to Heaven and give you a place there.

TristanTait responds:

Thanks for the heads up there Gheata, but I think I'm pretty good for all that.
I'm not too sure what it is about a drawing of Wario that would upset Jesus so much... maybe he got hit by a red shell in the last lap on Mario Kart and this is shaking up some old and painful memories?

Not expressing anything.

Yeah, it is nice. I am not an art critic and I like it.